Welcome to ReVIEW Talent Feedback System.

This tutorial is available in two formats: the video (above) and the illustrated directions (below).

This tutorial covers the basic use of the video-based calibration platform.

The process of video based calibration takes six steps:

  • email confirmation
  • sign-in
  • navigating to video based calibration
  • watching the video
  • scoring the video’
  • submitting feedback.

Step One: Email Confirmation

You will receive an email inviting you to ReVIEW Talent Feedback System.

Copy the temporary email and click on confirm email account.

Step Two: Sign In


You then will enter in your user name.

Next paste in your temporary password.

You will then be prompted to set your password.

Step Three: Navigate to Video Based Calibration

Click on the VBC Evaluator Dashboard.

Then select your assigned video.

Step Four Watching the Video

On the video player you hit play.

You then get full volume control and can go full screen.

You can also rewind and fast forward the video.

Step Five: Scoring the Video

After finishing the video click next.

You can then select the performance levels under each of the three indicators we are using in New Haven TEVAL’s rubric.

Click on the small triangle to expand the rubric.

Select your chosen performance level.

Then in the box below you can leave your areas of strength and areas of development.

Step Six: Submitting Feedback

When you are ready to submit the form hit submit.

Then provide an electronic signature.

If you now navigate back to the VBC dashboard you will see your completed form with a red banner.