ReVIEW Talent Feedback System comes pre-installed with many forms you can use to support the instructional capacity of your teachers.

You have access to (please note this is the admin view forms for users will display one form component per screen):

  • Teacher Self Evaluation Form-teachers are asked to give themselves an overall rating on the District’s framework and then justify that rating given a series of question prompts
  • Professional Goal Setting Meeting-In this form teachers choose a goal and then add action steps to reach that goal. If you utilize our default goal setting forms these goals will cross populate later forms that include the goal setting form element.
  • Student Goal Setting-This forms allows you to meet state mandates if teachers are required to develop student learning objectives:
  • Pre-observation form-Many districts require a ¬†reflection for formal observation. Our default form has many guiding questions that a teacher and coach can use to think about an upcoming lesson.
  • Formal Observation:¬†Form: These forms are used by evaluators and our pre-populated with your chosen rubric by position.
  • Non Classroom Artifact Sharing-This form allows teachers to share artifacts for the domains not measured through direct observation:
  • Teacher Mid-Year Report: This forms is filled by teacher as a reflection halfway through the year.
  • Teacher End of the Year Reflection-At the end of the year teachers return to their goals and reflect on what worked and did not work.

If you want to change these forms or build your own do not worry. ReVIEW Talent Feedback System has a fully functional form builder. You can edit our pre-existing forms or create your own.