Video Based Calibration

Sending Feedback to Facilitator

After you select your overall rating for domain three you need to make the report available to your facilitator. Check the box “Available for Facilitator” Hit submit form. You are done    

Leaving Feedback

Open the feedback form by clicking on Classroom Observation Informal Form  under Available Forms for You(evaluator) to fill for: Tammy Mendoza. Your assigned framework will then load. There is one indicator per page. You can expand each attribute by clicking on the triangle. You can select the level at each attribute but this information is not […]

Account Creation

  Directions On the day of the training you will receive an email from [email protected] with confirmation instructions. Copy temporary password (right click or Command+C on MAC/control+C on PC). Make sure not to copy the period at the end of the sentence. Click on confirm my account. Sign in using your email. Paste in the […]